11 Overused & Annoying Words That Will Die in 2017 (Hopefully)

What are the most overused phrases of 2016? Check out this guide and learn what these words are. Later, learn of the basic tips on how you can effectively start rewording paragraphs without using these overused phrases.


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Overused Slang Words 2016

  • Shiz
  • Goal
  • BAE
  • Can’t even
  • Basic
  • Lit
  • AF
  • Hashtag

Tips to Rewrite like the Pros

  • Don’t take too much time in choosing the perfect words to say in your first draft. Remember, you may need several drafts to make the final copy. Also, you may have to cut away some sentences and paragraphs later as well. Thus, you should not try editing yourself but keep writing in the first draft.
  • Give yourself some distance. It refers to the editing process later. When done with rewriting, you can set the copy aside for some days before going back to it for editing. Doing so will give you a fresh pair of eyes to edit better than editing after the rewriting. In fact, the pros also suggest going over your work several times until your copy shines.
  • Focus on getting the ideas in the rewritten version of the paper. If you think you missed something, you can go back to it later. But remember, you should also be looking for unessential sentences or phrases in your copy and take them out.
  • You should also review your paper and take down notes about the problems you need to address.
  • Read the draft thoroughly and make some changes as you read it. Doing so will help you tighten your copy as well as check for word choice and sentence flow. However, remember to focus on one aspect for every revision – one for fact-checking, one for spelling, one for grammar and so on.

Follow these tips so that you can rewrite your paper like a pro and of any accent. Also, take note of the most overused phrases of 2016 and try to avoid them in your paper. We’re the authorities in paraphrasing of any accent. You can order from us and save 24% on your order by using the code ACCENT24 today!