5 Things You Didn’t Know about Sentence Rewording in Canada

Do You Need Help to Rephrase Sentences Online for Canadian Audiences?

Sentence rewarding in Canada or paraphrasing is the process that you go through to repeat what someone else has said or written but using your own totally unique phrasing. Within academic writing, you will often want to use other researchers’ and writers’ words and ideas but use your own voice within your paper. To do this you will use paraphrasing rather than simply just quote what they have said. Rewording generator may help you in this process.

See the incredible infographic below to know words and phrases that should not be used in rephrasing process.


We also use paraphrasing for many other reasons, such as to simplify or repurpose writing for a different audience or even to just avoid plagiarism. Even if you paraphrase what someone has said so that it is written in a unique manner you should still give credit through a citation within your work rather than trying to claim it as your own.

As Williams college says:

“Paraphrases should sound like you, using vocabulary and sentence structures that your reader would recognize as your work.”

But to rewrite sentences without changing the meaning in Canada is not as simple a task as you may think. Many find that they change the meaning in some way or they will repeat much of the original phrasing rather than using their own words. This is why you may want to use a website to reword sentences for Canadian audiences such as ours.

Can a Canadian Sentence Changer Avoid Plagiarism?

Using a paraphrase generator online is very easy and also in most cases totally free. This English paraphrasing tool will take your text and swap many of the words within it for synonyms. It will not, however, change the order of the text and it will often be very obvious that it is a copy of the original. This is rarely enough to avoid problems with plagiarism.

In addition, many words have so many different meanings that the software will make frequent mistakes with its word selections. This results in text that rarely makes any real sense and even if it does read it OK it may have changed the meaning in some way. The best alternative is always to have your paraphrasing done by a person, not a computer. There are a lot services which do reword text in the UK as well as in Canada, but you need to hire the highest quality one.

Our Canadian Rephrasing Services

Rephrasing sentences in Canada does not have to be time-consuming or difficult if you use our professional services. We can offer you with help with all of the following areas for paraphrasing:

  • Rewriting the UK, American and Australian English for the Canadian market and vice versa
  • Rewriting essays and papers for a different audience or to improve them
  • Paraphrasing sentences and paragraphs for inclusion within a wider paper
  • Rewriting papers for publication elsewhere
  • Rewriting web pages to avoid any form of plagiarism
  • Rewriting web pages to take better advantage of SEO

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Best Features of Canadian Rewording Services

You may be wondering why you should use our services to rewrite your text. The following covers some of the main reasons as to why we are able to provide you with a service that you will struggle to match elsewhere online:

  • Our staff understand Canadian English use

One area that many other services fall down on is the use of incorrect English for the audience in question. One of the first things that we will want to know is who your intended audience is to be. This ensures that we use the right words and phrasing within your rewriting that will be understandable by your targeted audience. Our staff is specifically chosen for their native-level understanding of Canadian English.

  • We don’t use software to provide our services

There are many services online that will simply throw your text into a free tool and send it back to you with a little editing if you are lucky. Paraphrasing is very much about understanding and not about simply changing a few words. Through us you will always get expert level paraphrasing to a high standard.

  • Our staff are experts in the areas in which they work

As with understanding the language being used, if you cannot understand the subject written about then you will not be able to paraphrase it. Paraphrasing is about repeating the meaning and our staff is only selected to work within those areas in which they hold post-graduate degrees to ensure their full and complete understanding of the source text.

  • We can fully avoid plagiarism

With many years of experience with academic writing and rewriting our experts are very familiar with what is considered plagiarism and how it can be avoided. They ensure that not only will the words be changed but the structure and feel of the writing will be totally changed to avoid any issues. We also provide you with a plagiarism report to confirm that the writing is unique to you.

  • We know how to make citations correctly

Even if you have rewritten something so that it is unique you must still give credit where it is due. Our staff knows precisely how to correctly make your in-text citations and also how to reference in the correct format for your bibliography.

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Guaranteed Sentence Rewording in Canada

We provide you with all of the help that you need to produce paraphrased text that will be perfectly written for Canada as well as being unique and a true reflection of the source text. Our experts continue working with you until you are totally satisfied, after all, we want you to return to us whenever you need help with writing, rewriting or editing.

Ours is a professional service and comes with all of the following guarantees:

  • On-time delivery guarantee
  • Guaranteed error-free writing with professional proofreading
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Unique rewriting guaranteed with a free plagiarism report
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your Canadian rewording or a full refund

Contact our expert services today for reliable and affordable sentence rewording in Canada for all of your paraphrasing needs.