8 Reasons You Will Never Be Able to Reword Text in the UK Like a Pro

Do You Need Help Rewording Words for British Audiences?

To reword text in the UK is not always a task that you can quickly or easily. In fact, many writers whether they are professionals, academics or students struggle with the task that sounds so simple. It is rewriting or repeating what someone else has said or written but using your own very different words. It`s a good idea to use an essay reworder and make paraphrasing easier.

We do paraphrasing for many different reasons the major reasons being to avoid plagiarism and to put things into more suitable words for our own audience. Paraphrasing seeks to reflect all of the points that are raised within the source and will, therefore, result in the writing of a similar length to the original. This is different to summarizing which only seeks to highlight the main points and can considerably condense the writing to just a few lines or paragraphs.

But avoiding to repeat the original wording and repeating all of the points accurately is not simple. This is why you will want to get all of the help that you can get to rephrase online in the United Kingdom.

Difficulties You May Face Paraphrasing for the UK

The following are just a few of the things that you may have to consider if you want to ensure that your paraphrasing is up to scratch for use in the UK:

  • UK spelling concerns

Not everyone realizes that there are some very different ways of spelling many common words when you compare UK English to that used across the world. Our experts are able to provide you with the correct spelling for your location at all times.

  • UK word usage

Many words that are used within the UK are used in a unique way when compared to other areas in the world where English is spoken. The British each chip, not fries, they have packets of crisps not chips, we turn on the tap, not the faucet, and we go up in the lift, not the elevator. If you don’t know the words being used it can be very hard to rewrite what you have just read.

  • Understanding your subject area

Not only must you understand UK English you must also fully understand the subject area itself. A piece of writing for the medical profession or even a paper in Physics may be full of terms that the average person will not understand. This is why our experts are qualified in the areas in which they work to provide paraphrasing.

  • Understanding your audience

Paraphrasing is always done for a reason and for a specific audience. You may be rewriting a paper to make it easier to understand for younger students for instance. Knowing your audience is vital if you want to ensure that your rewritten text is suitable for use.

  • Not simply manipulating text

Paraphrasing is very much about understanding the original text and not simply about swapping words as a piece of software would. Swapping words for synonyms will rarely result in a useable piece of writing and it will often take longer.

  • Avoiding plagiarism

One of the main reasons for doing rewriting is to avoid plagiarism. You must fully understand exactly what constitutes plagiarism so that you can fully avoid it within your rewriting as our staff would.

  • Making citations correctly

Even if you have paraphrased what someone has said within your paper you must still give credit for their writing and ideas. This citation must be made to a very specific format if it is going to be done correctly for your writing.

  • Not making errors in your rewriting

Not only must you accurately repeat what the source has said you must also do it in perfect UK English. Just with any other writing poor spelling and grammar is going to be looked on very poorly. This is why our services provide proofreading with all of the help that we provide.

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Using Rephrasing Sentences Tool Online for Britains

If you look online you will be able to find a sentence changer generator that you will be able to use free of charge in most cases. This English paraphrasing tool works by swapping many of the words within the source text for synonyms to make the wording unique.

It does not, however, change the structure of the original wording at all and will often make some very poor selections when choosing synonyms. Because many words have multiple meanings and the software cannot understand the context it will often output writing that is complete nonsense. If you want usable and understandable rewriting for your audience then it must be done by a person. Thre are services doing sentence rewording in Canada they are very popular. 

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Our Experts Offer Professional Help with Rewording a Sentence in UK English

We know that you cannot just use anyone to do the effective and accurate rewriting. This is why when you work with us you will get to work with an expert that is:

  • Qualified with a relevant PhD or Masters degree in your area of rewriting
  • Highly experienced in rewriting of the form that you require
  • Speaks and writes UK English as a native
  • Fully understands what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it
  • Knows how to correctly make references and citations

They not only know how to reword the sentence to avoid plagiarism in UK English they also work with you to ensure that all writing is perfect for your intended audience. If you want to reword text in the UK just contact our specialists here today to work with true experts that deliver the best results at all times.