FAQ: How to Reword a Sentence

how to reword correctly

Students learning how to reword a sentence often get in touch with us to ask us questions. We’re glad we can help. Anyone who needs to really receive a good deal of help should make sure to get in touch with us through the form on our rewording tool website, but we’ve compiled the following list of questions to help those who needed something quick. That being said, we’re open to answering questions at any time of day or even at night.

Asking How to Reword

Q) Should sources be cited in reworded content?
A) Any time an outside source is utilized it should be cited. Paraphrasing the content removes direct plagiarism, but the actual material that it’s derived from still requires citations.
Q) How much different should reworded material be?
A) A rule of thumb generally states that no more than three words at any given time should directly correspond to the original text.
Q) What does it mean to write something in one’s own words?
A) This often confuses people, but it’s essentially a command to rewrite something specifically.
Q) Should archaic language be preserved?
A) When rewording existing material in older dialects it may be necessary to change text, though it might be best to preserve it for poetic reasons in other situations. This should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
Q) How to reword a sentence that’s become a run on?
A) In cases where it’s allowed the sentence should be broken up into more than one statement, but this isn’t always possible. In cases where it’s not the verbiage should still be made as clear as possible.

Learning about Rewording

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