Your Perfect Guideline for Essay Rephrasing

You need to know that essay rephrasing is not easy because there are things you need to avoid in order not to commit plagiarism. In this case, some tips may be handy to make the process easier and your life lighter. Here are a couple of tips that you may want to know.


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Essay Rephrasing Tips

  • Students must understand the flow of the essay so that they will get idea on how they will rephrase it.
  • Students should make sure that the time that they completely understand the essay, they use their own words in writing their own essay.
  • In rephrasing, students need to use their own words, but they also need to ensure that they keep the original meaning of the essay.
  • It is important to cite sources in order to give credit to the original passage or author.
  • Students should avoid to use the same synonyms that used in the essay.
  • If you used same phrases that comes from the original essay, you need to use quotation marks.
  • Put the original essay aside and try to write the main ideas.
  • Be sure to look closely on unfamiliar words you do not know and get the sense or its meaning before you use your own word.
  • Check your rephrased essay as much as needed against original source for accurate meaning and tone.
  • Be sure that you do not change the meaning of the original passage or else you are writing a different essay.
  • Make sure that you keep your rephrased version near the same length of the original essay.
  • Including citation for source of information is important so that you can cite accurately.
  • Jot down some words to remind yourself how you envision with the use of the material.

Rephrasing is not easy since you need to understand the essay completely before proceeding with the task, but with the tips presented above, it should be easy now. If you still have troubles you can use the help of essay reworder online.

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